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As a woman in science, what’s your experience been like?

We’re building an online community to share information about what it’s like to be a woman in science. Whether you’re working on your undergraduate degree, in your post-doc assignment, or a career scientist, you’ve probably wondered what’s the best way to create a meaningful career in science. You aren’t alone. Join the community and explore all your options, including those outside academia.

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Share your story and support women in science.

As a woman in science, you can be whatever you want. You can stay in academia or branch out into industry. It’s your choice. The challenge is that many women in science aren’t able to make an informed decision because they don’t have all the information. Maybe, you think academia is the only option. After all, you may not know what it’s like to do anything else, and your academic advisors might not know either. 

However, when you have a network of women sharing their stories, talking about opportunities and options outside of academia, it makes a profound impact. By sharing your story and joining the community, you can affect change. Science will advance. And no one will feel alone. WISDOM is a platform to help women in science make informed decisions about their careers and discover all the possibilities and opportunities available to them. 

We know you’ve already come so far on your own, and you may not feel like you need assistance. We get that. But networking and sharing of information can be powerful. WISDOM is a safe place for you to ask questions and share ideas with people who understand your situation and can provide perspective, referrals, and recommendations. Networking is critical in any career. Men know this. It’s why there are so many golf courses. Now, it’s time to even the playing field. Because, who you know, can be as powerful as what you know. 

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“When you know all your options, you make better decisions. WISDOM provides women in science with a supportive network and career opportunities outside academia. By including more women in industry, commercial science, engineering, and manufacturing, we can change society for the better.”